Hydraulic gantry crane of ENERPAC

2017-04-08 10:37

  Hydraulic gantry cranes provide safe and efficient lifting and positioning for large loads. In the tradition

  When the heavy machine is not suitable and can not choose to use the permanent overhead structure crane, the hydraulic gantry crane can safely and efficiently lift and locate the heavy objects used in the positioning works. With the use of sliding orbit, the hydraulic gantry crane can also move and place heavy objects. En Parker offers two series of hydraulic gantry lifting systems: cost-effective SL series and SBL series with a capacity of 1,100 tons. At the same time, Enerpac also offers a full range of gantry lifting systems for accessories: roof beams, slippery tracks, extended systems and lugs.

  Incorrect installation, inadequate preparation, or operational failure can have serious consequences. Enpark hydraulic gantry crane has many unique features and to ensure its excellent stability and completeness, so you use more secure and more at ease.

  High speed double acting hydraulic cylinder

  Built-in power unit

  Take the wheel and track

  Intelligent lifting control system

  The intelligent lifting control ENERPAC system provides the operator with information such as travel, jacking, unit load, etc., which automatically corrects the deviation of each unit.

  Hydraulic gantry cranes are generally used for handling, installation and unloading.

  Mainly for nuclear power, thermal power and wind power and other ENERPAC power generation industry